May 18, 2020


Olivia started playing music at a very young age. She began piano lessons at age 6 and by the age of 16, had her first professional gig at the Filipino American Christian Church where she played in their services and musicals.

She attended Metropolitan State College of Denver and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in music. While at Metro State, she studied with renowned jazz trumpeter Ron Miles. After graduating, she continued her studies with pianists Dave Hanson and Eric Gunnison.

Olivia has been teaching privately since 2006. She has also worked in the Aurora, Cherry Creek, Arvada, and Douglas County school districts as a choir and theatre accompanist. She has consistently been performing at many regional music events including the CMEA conference, All-state, and choir festivals.

As a performer, she’s played with numerous bands and musicians such as The Ultraphonic Orchestra, Neil Haverstick, Hugh Ragin, James Barela, and the Moses Jones Quartet. She’s worked with directors such as Bill Loper with GLBT’s Harmony chorale and Eric Weinstein at Faith Community Church. She has recorded an album with 70’s fusion band Heavy Feather and played microstock, a microtonal concert featuring 19 tone piano. She is also currently assistant director at Zion Baptist Church where she plays organ, piano, and keys, and assists in conducting for the choirs.

As well as being a musician and performer, she also maintains her training as a visual artist. Using acrylic, graphite, pencils, chalk, digital and other mediums, she continues to promote and feature her artwork.