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This is an attempt to make this website as unique and personal to who Olivia Rebolledo is. I’ve not been able to catch up to all the new coding since early 2000s, so my creativity in making websites have been limited. But I’m making it work, with all the widgets and options WordPress has. Maybe if I spent some money on more expensive sites I could, but here it is nonetheless. But sites like FB and IG have gone away with personality in ourselves. Scrolling through feeds that barely go into what a person is really made out of. A thought, music, art doesn’t come in seconds while checking FB or other social media. It comes from really caring and soaking in whatever that artform has to offer. People used to have the care to sit down listen to complex music with no formulaic forms or structures. Now people are so busy that that no one has time for it. Art and the time to appreciate it is being lost in our culture. Can the average person go through an album and really grasp the feelings or statements the an artist goes through in the creation of their music/art? And I guess nowadays, the business of music seems to be more radical in the way it tries to find consumers which plays into how people write. It’s not the popular money makers  verses the lonely artist making music underground. Now both can be in even playing fields if they play their cards right. It can be discouraging and also encouraging depending who you are.

Seeing all this and trying to be an artist is hard nowadays. Where is the individuality. To me, technology and culture has greatly changed the way we listen to music especially here in America. But I’m proud of what I’ve done the past few years and this hopefully shows as I add more stuff here. I can only be as honest and real as I can be. There’s no other way. Authenticity is a hard concept if your playing into this culture…social media, etc…But not impossible…just difficult. Reevaluating every second is crucial when challenged. And doesn’t hurt to have blinders on every now and again.

Maybe a lot for non artists to understand. But deep down we all battle the same. As I keep writing these blogs, which I think are going to be a great way of expression, I could hopefully breath a little easier.

There’s a lot of topics I’d like to go through like where are we headed in art, music, technology, as a society. How can we band ourselves together for peace and understanding with each other.

Not teaching the past few months has made me realize how much I care about our future children and that they need someone in their lives that understands and knows the difficulties of growing up here (Earth). But how I’d like to think I’d played an example of understanding and tools to help them in life. This world is sick if you accept everything for face value…But things like this I’ve learned that I’d like to share in blogs. Free from FB culture or social media platforms that encourage quick titillations. Anyway welcome to the site…