• First Lesson Free!!
  • All Styles and all Levels
  • Offer Zoom/Skype or lessons in your home
  • Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Contemporary, etc…
  • Theory, Harmony, and Performance technique
  • Ear Training
  • Education in Notation, Chart Reading, Lead Sheets


There are 2 times a year students can perform in the recital. Students have the choice to play but are not required. It can be a time for students to express their knowledge, abilities, and emotions.


   • Minimum of practice: 3 times a week, 15 minutes


  • Student reimburses teacher for books or can be ordered before lessons start

  • Students provide a binder with dividers for assignments/music

Favorite quote: “Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.” – Aristotle


What people say
about us

I am an adult learner, having played piano only a little as a child. I started with Olivia two years ago during the pandemic and still have my lessons over FaceTime, which works well. Olivia is a very accomplished pianist and teacher, and I have learned a great deal from her in terms of rhythm, technique and theory. Taking lessons from her is fun; I highly recommend her as a piano teacher.

Jan Steinart
Student (CO)